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Professional Learning

Most professional learning is designed with good intentions.  And while intention is important, it truly is the impact of one’s efforts which creates meaningful change.

At SEL Integrations, our goal is to deliver impactful, cutting-edge professional learning which instills agency and ownership for the participants.  Our trainings are relevant, experiential, and utilize the most current research in brain science and best practices.

We offer professional learning in the following areas:

  • Achievement Outcomes:  leveraging SEL, trauma-informed teaching, emotional awareness and regulation, creating connection to fuel growth

  • Returning to In-Person Learning:  strategies for a healthy transition back to the workplace, stress reduction & mindfulness for maintaining work-life balance, EQ for educators during COVID-19

  • Connected Classroom Community:  class circles, daily class meetings, mindfulness, all day SEL practices

  • Climate and Culture:  proactive restorative practices, restoring harm, embedding SEL into your existing systems

  • Adult Wellness:  self-care, self-compassion, mindfulness, action planning

  • Neuroscience:  neurosequential model in education, the science behind self-care, trauma and its impact on the brain and learning

*Each of our professional learning experiences are tailored to your specific needs through collaboration with our SEL Integrations team.  All professional learning is delivered with intentionality and we assist in developing an action plan for implementation.

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