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Colleagues Working Together

Coaching for Capacity

Strong leaders leverage relationships to create engagement, vulnerability, and community.

SEL Integrations is passionate about coaching teachers and school leaders to focus on connection and relationship building as the foundation for learning and academic growth. Our experienced team of coaches are available to provide one-on-one classroom coaching, coaching for building leaders, and coaching for instructional coaches.

Our coaches model and facilitate powerful coaching in the following areas: 

  • Cultivating community through daily class meetings

  • Embedding SEL skills and practices into everyday learning

  • Trauma-informed classroom systems and practices

  • Restorative systems and practices

  • Healing staff-to-staff relationships and staff-to-student relationships

  • Guiding teachers in shifting their mindsets to prioritize connection before content

  • Infusing mindfulness to increase self-efficacy and empathy

  • Supporting a positive school-wide climate and culture

*Each district's capacity for coaching is unique.  Through collaboration with our SEL Integrations team, we will design a plan of action that best meets your specific needs.

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