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Elementary Classroom

Climate, Culture, and Community

What if instead of comforting, teaching, and healing those around us first, we shift our focus to prioritize our own well-being above all else?

Prioritizing calls for intentionally creating space for healing and restoring - enter the SEL Integrations Zen Summit. Our evidence based approach utilizes a physical space in your building to create a calming, restful space for mindfulness and self-compassion practices. The Zen Summit provides opportunities for relaxation and sends a powerful message to your staff that their social-emotional health and well-being are worth investing in!

Elements that can be included in your Zen Summit experience*:

  • Mindful Moments

  • Connection Circles

  • Breathwork for Balance

  • Self-Compassion Practices

  • Gratitude Journaling for Resilience

  • Guided Somatic Relaxation Techniques

  • Yoga for All

  • Aromatherapy

  • Healing Art & Music

  • Wellness Snack Bar

*Each Zen Summit experience is tailored to your specific needs through collaboration with our SEL Integrations team.  All Zen Summit elements are delivered with intentionality and rooted in educational neuroscience.

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